The yachts

The shipyard of Anne Wever was famous for it's cruising yachts. During the construction of the ships, the finishing and durability got the highest priority. The interiors were of teak or mahogony and every shiptype has a teakdeck. Due to the built quality and general ruggedness of the designs that many of the constructed ships are still sailing around, without the nuissance of noisy interiorparts and not fitting cupboard closings.


The shipyard started with a serie of Trintels. These ships all have a steel hull and a wooden (mahogany) cabinrooftop. The first Trintellas, the types I, Ia, II and IIa, are derived from the Trintels and show many simularities. The Trintellas have a heavily built GRP hull. After the Trintellas I and II the shipyard chose, according the wishes of it's clients, for a complete different design. The Trintellas III and later IIIa, IV and V wer constructed completely in GRP and all have a deep centre cockpit and aftercabin. The Trintella 38 was in 1976 the first of a new series of ships, the 38, 44/45 and 53. They differ by the high centre cockpit and the aftercabin, that can be entered from the main cabin. In 1981 the Trintella 42 was introduced, a design with a traditional cockpit and a flushdeck. The Trintellas 40a, 44a, 49a and 57a (de "a" stands for aluminium) have a aluminium hull and a fixed and hard sprayhood with second steering. All of these Trintels and Trintellas are designed by Van de Stadt.


Next to all the designs shown here, more Trintellas have actually been built, but only as very small series or as "one off". This concerns the 46a, 51a, 58a, 68a, 75a and the new 42 and 47


The shipyard stopped building ships in The Netherlands on January 1st 2003.


Image   Image Image  Image 
 Trintel I Trintel Ia Trintel II Trintel IIa
 Image Image  Image  Image 
 Trintella I Trintella Ia Trintella II Trintella IIa
 Image  Image  Image  Image
 Trintella III Trintella IIIa Trintella IV Trintella V
 Image  Image  Image  Image
Trintella 38 Trintella 42 Trintella 44/45  Trintella 53
 Image  Image  Image  Image
Trintella 40a Trintella 44a  Trintella 49a Trintella 57a



































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